10 Great Business Ideas for 2021

Here is my top 10 list of business ideas for 2021 for small business, home business and entrepreneurs.  Things have changed…a lot in some cases, since I wrote the last article on this topic.  But, before we begin, let me explain why I came up with this list. A lot of people are working from home and I created this list because I have been asked about ways to start a small business, and ways to provide additional income for themselves or they were asking me about “side business ideas” that did not take large a cash investment up front so I did some research and this is the list that I created as a result.


These small business ideas do not take much money to get started, but can be very rewarding and you can increase your income doing it part time!

Top 10 Small Business Ideas 2021

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant:  There are people who need help with keeping up with their schedules, checking social media, and making new contacts.  Being a virtual assistant can really help a fellow entrepreneur!  Not to mention, you can do this from anywhere!
  2. Start a blog and become an affiliate marketer:  Great way to make extra income while doing what you love to do! Starting a blog is easy! Click here to see,”How to Start a Blog“
  3. Personalized address labels:  Create and sell personalized items such as custom return address labels.  These can be created from your home office using Avery templates and will not cost much to get started! This is a great “side business idea” that just about anyone can do.
  4. Start a podcast:  Does not take anything to get started and you can make money by placing ads in your podcast.
  5. Become a freelance writer:  Writing content for websites and blogs can be time consuming for business owners.  You can become a freelance writer and get paid!  This can be done from home and is a great way to earn some extra income. You will need a website to promote your freelance or consulting business.  
  6. Build Product landing pages:  If you have some graphic design and technical skills, you can create product landing pages for small or home based businesses.  These can be used to help the with their marketing too! 
  7. Sell your art on Etsy:  Create and sell art on Etsy store.  Put your creative skills to work and sell your artwork in your very own Etsy store.  They also offer secure shopping for your store
  8. Become a consultant:  If you are really good at something…offer it as a service for a fee, offer it as a service for a fee and make some extra cash!   
  9. Create ads for small businesses:  These can be made from your home business and can be done with little investment up front!  You will need some design skills and creativity! This is a great “side business idea” that just about anyone can do.  You can use tools such as Canva to create them online from the comfort of your own home!  You can event animate the ads and make videos of them.
  10. Social Media Consultant:  Put your knowledge and experience of social media to use and help a fellow entrepreneur!  You could set up social media pages for small and home based businesses and free them up to do other things like…make money!
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Having my own blog is so much fun and I really enjoy sharing information with you through articles and podcasts! Did you know that you can start your very own blog and share things such as your favorite recipe, restaurant to your favorite place to shop? I have created a very helpful article for the beginner or “non-techie”that shows you what you need to start your blog! Read how to start a blog here!

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