Ep 36 Fireside Chat with Sayda Hope

Fireside Chat with author of Das Herz


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With the gifted talent of expressing herself through the written word better than her own mouth, author Sayda Hope has an aspiring dream to be more than a Wattpad washout. 

Rarely writing about things which echo her real life as it’s a pretty boring place, Sayda Instead takes her readers to worlds no mortal eyes will ever see except within the pages of her books. Places of mystery and danger, on adventures guided by characters you’ll come to love. 

Everything from other planets on outer regions of space, filled with people you connect with as though they’re beside you, to reflections of the world we know in the guise of a Victorian era New York City, morphed into something of court trials and murder mysteries with folkloric creatures in “monster” versions of crime dramas. 

“When I’m not in therapy, I’m living in other worlds, as other people and my Psychiatrist says that’s fine so long as I take my meds.”  

Here’s a summary of Das Herz!

Untoten… Undead

Eber Soldat, a soldier named Soldier.

A heartless man who was thought a monster of war, until the day he truly became one. Returning from the dead, he and his men, Captain Mikhail Koza, Lieutenant Johan Thayer, and Lieutenant Adolpho Ermanno, embark on the next assignment, guarding Ambrozij Kasimir, the head of the church, a man whose power rivals even that of King Berin’s.

Wanting to keep their new existence a secret to protect themselves, Eber seeks the aid of an old ally, Lorelei Zima, a beautiful woman who makes Koza wonder if she had been more to the heartless Commander at one time in their past. Her nature is playful and her abilities deadly, Lorelei proves to be of great help and at times… a little harm.

With each soldier undergoing his own session of rigor mortis, the men learn the lies and truths of the unique untoten of their homelands as they discover their differing strengths and hungers. Reaching their destination, the soldiers expect peace finally as Kasimir arrives in the tattered village of Hieb, yet it steadily becomes clear there is no rest even for the dead as the village is swarmed by untoten. The starving undead burn at the touch of Hallowed ground, giving salvation for Kasimir, but his sanctuary will be his tomb as the days pass and the untoten do not leave, forcing Kasimir to face his own starvation.

With Eber’s new mission of getting the Holy Man out of the village alive, his heartlessness will prove to be a weakness or what saves him.

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