Ep 40 Fireside Chat with Jeffrey Yorio

Jeffrey Yorio is the guest for this episode of The Call to Action Podcast. He was born in Corning, New York and now braves the winters of the Rochester, NY area. Jeffrey is married with three children and a Pomeranian that was there one night when he got home. He spent a few years teaching History and later earned an MS that helps him with his current managerial job. He is the author of Sundowners, a book about vampires and he is also the author of an anthology titled, In the Red Room. Jeffrey shares interesting information about vampires as well as advice for aspiring authors and the importance of community in this podcast. Sit back, and put on your headphones for a must listen!

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Sundowners by Jeffrey Yorio
Sundowners by Jeffrey Yorio

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Twitter: @SundownersBook

Email: Pelwrath@hotmail.com

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