Ep 45 Fireside Chat with Dawn Rivers

I have the honor of having Dawn M. Rivers, the founder and owner of Daybreak Yoga studio in Bedford, Ohio in this episode!

CTA Podcast Ep 45 Dawn Rivers Daybreak Yoga Bedford Ohio

Dawn’s yoga journey first began in 1999, when she bought a Rodney Yee VHS yoga videotape. She made a habit of practicing yoga every day to bring fitness and stress relief to the ups and downs of daily life. After gaining some momentum and comfort in her practice, Dawn met her match at a local gym a few years later. For the first time, her poses were on public display-meaning: hands-on adjustments, cues, and practicing openly in front of others. After conquering this obstacle, she was led to seek out a permanent yoga studio and a place she could use as a hideout to put her restless mind on the back burner for an hour or two. 

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Dawn saw a postcard in a local restaurant with an introductory offer for a week of Hot Power Yoga. Being a librarian at the time, she decided to wait until Spring Break to start taking classes. Coincidentally, right when she first began practicing in 2009, Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga was quickly emerging as a popular style in the yoga community.  This became her practice of choice-a method which soon transformed her entire life. Dawn realized that as she was growing in her mental strength, the demand of power yoga helped her to grow in her physical strength, as well. Coupled with some new healthy eating habits, she began noticing her clothing fitting a little looser and her mind at ease more often.    

Dawn’s love of the practice made her take the step to become a “Karma Yogi”-which meant she could take classes for free as long as she cleaned the bathrooms and the studio after each class. A regular to the studio at this time, she realized that the community of yogis was what she needed. Above all else, she felt safe and loved. Every day she practiced she found that she was challenged and grew.

Founder & Owner of Daybreak Yoga





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