How to Grow Using Innovative Business Strategies

If you run a small- or medium-sized company, you know how important it is to adjust with the times. It’s easy to get stuck in the old ways of doing things and plateau. Without shaking stuff up, it’s unlikely your company will escape being in a rut. Here are some tactics from CTA Marketing for getting out of an operational funk.

How to Grow Using Innovative Business Strategies

Creating Apps

Brick-and-mortar stores are going away, and apps are on the rise. In fact, according to technology watchers and FinancesOnline, people are spending approximately 90% of their time on smartphones using apps. Without question, consumers are partial to the convenience and appeal of these downloadable programs. Reach new patrons by offering one of your own.

Creating an app begins with determining what it should do. Will yours make it easy to purchase products from anywhere? Perhaps your app’s primary function should be informing customers about your venture or boosting your public image. Brainstorm with staff to come up with a conclusion.

Next, hire an app developer. Finding one that fits your budget can be tricky. It may be wise to act on a reference from a fellow entrepreneur who’s already been through the development process. Look at the company’s history, and ask probing questions that verify whether the designers can deliver what you need.

Marketing Digitally

Advertising in newspapers and on the radio is no longer as effective as it once was. Today, a better way of reaching the public is through the internet. Social media has become the preferred venue. Use multiple platforms, and spur engagement by responding to commenters. 

Your online campaign needs a memorable logo. Creating one that stands out is easier when you use a logo maker and download your finished design. Start by selecting an icon and style. Then, add in text. Before committing, preview how different fonts and colors make it look. After choosing, be aware that the way you use your image can impact perceptions. 

Becoming Virtual

Recent events have taught the business world that office space is no longer necessary. See if your venture operates just as well when staff works from home. You might be surprised at how little being separate impacts daily functioning. Just be sure everyone’s using a remote team collaboration tool like Slack, as it will be more vital than ever that everyone maintain constant contact. Encourage staff to ask questions during meetings held through video conferencing software.

Digital Management and BPM

As your business grows and becomes more unwieldy, it becomes necessary to undertake a digital transformation toward business process management (BPM). The early stages of the process involve gathering all the data from the various systems employed by your organization to create a digital model. As you discover more about BPM, you’ll find that it applies machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to that model to automate processes and manage your organization more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Changing Products

Maybe customers are growing tired of what you’re offering. Find out what they want. Talking directly with them is one way of learning what they’re thinking. Unfortunately, focusing on web-based commerce makes this increasingly difficult. suggests using an online customer tracking tool to observe shopping behavior. Connect with customers who do make purchases by contacting them via email. Ask about their overall satisfaction and what features they would like in future iterations.

Going Eco-Friendly

People love patronizing companies that do good deeds. Make your venture as healthy for the planet as possible, and use your newfound mission as a selling point. Start by switching to sustainable materials. Quit selling disposable items in favor of reusable ones. Build partnerships with community organizations that are making a difference. Continue on this path by soliciting other ideas from patrons and employees.

Keeping a business afloat is always a challenge, especially when routines become hard to change. If your startup has fallen victim to set thinking, try something fresh. Create apps, embrace digital marketing, utilize BPM, and consider changing products and going eco-friendly. The right innovations can lift your enterprise to untold heights. 

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