How to Scan QR Codes with Samsung Galaxy S3

Follow these steps to scan QR codes with your Samsung Galaxy S3


First, visit the Google Play Store and search for a barcode or QR code reader.  One of my favorite QR code readers is the iNigma barcode scanner.  The iNigma barcode scanner is free, fast and works well with the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Install the iNigma barcode scanner on your smartphone.  


Next, configure the iNigma barcode scanner.  This is not required to scan QR codes, with your Samsung Galaxy S3, but it will help to make it easier as you scan QR codes.  To configure the iNigma app, tap on Settings > Confirm Online.  Select “No Confirm.” Then, tap on “Going online” and select “Close i-nigma.”


Finally, tap the back button on your phone to return to the QR code scanning screen.  Place the QR code within the red square on your screen.  Once it is correctly aligned, your phone will automatically decode the barcode and you will be taken to the website assigned to the QR code you scanned.

You can get some practice with scanning mobile barcodes by scanning one of the many QR codes on! If you are a marketing professional, click here to see our latest article on QR Code marketing ideas.

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