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Mindful Moments Monthly Planner – Bring Clarity to Daily Planning

Mindful Moments Printable Planners
Mindful Moments Printable Planners

This monthly planner was designed to bring mindfulness back into our reality by providing mindful moments in the form of videos, inspirational quotes, and mandalas.  It is perfect for those who want to control their lives and plan with focus and intent.  The Mindful Monthly Planner can be printed at your home office using minimal ink and is available for instant download.  It includes a Mindful Moment QR Code that you scan to access exclusive content to help you on your journey!  The mandalas provide you with the ability to focus by coloring them with intention using colors that aid in bringing clarity, a shift in mood or whatever your goal is! There are many themes being added so check back often!

These are perfect for

unplug from fearentrepreneurs,

unplug from fearbloggers,

unplug from fearstudents,

unplug from fearinfluencers,

unplug from fearsocial media marketers,

unplug from fearinstructors

unplug from fearanyone who works from home…you get the picture!

Another awesome feature is that the Mindful Monthly Planners are undated so you have more control over how you use them to plan your month! They are also perfect for microjournaling! Each monthly planner also includes 4 pages for weekly planning (My Week at a Glance) and 28 pages for daily planning. Each page also contains a Mindful Moments QR Code that leads to exclusive content to assist you with mindfulness!

Order yours today and take back control of your life and start planning your day with mindfulness!

Mindful Moments Planner Metatrons Cube

Metatron’s Cube Mindful Monthly Planner with QR Code!

Mindful Moments Unicorn Theme 1

Unicorn themed Mindful Monthly Planner

Mindful Moments Planner Mandala Theme

Mandala themed Mindful Monthly Planner

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