QR codes Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

QR codes Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

QR codes are being used at local restaurants in a number of ways.  I have seen them being used for just about anything; like offering coupons or providing information on employment opportunities.  If you are a marketing professional, chances are you have used mobile bar codes in the past or you are planning to use them in your campaigns. 

A large number of businesses, including restaurants have been using them and I have been writing posts sharing their ideas and my experience with you.

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Max & Erma’s QR Code Marketing

I have compiled a list of links to articles that show how restaurants such as Bar Louie, Tim Horton’s, Taco Bell…well you get the picture, are using QR codes to enhance their marketing efforts and reach a growing mobile audience.

This list will be an inspiration to business owners and marketing professionals that are in this industry who need ideas on how to market restaurants with QR codes.

I am a person who loves to blog and podcast about marketing, QR codes and other related technology! I research and report on marketing campaigns, mobile apps, QR Codes and other related topics to Marketing Professionals and report them using podcasts and blogs to educate and inspire other marketing professionals. If you have an idea that you think would be great for me to share, send me an e-mail using the contact form for review.

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