The Women’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business Post-Pandemic

Coronavirus has profoundly affected the lives of women nationwide. Because of the pandemic, some women employed outside of the home were restricted from working or lost their jobs. Homemakers faced new responsibilities. For many women who are facing economic hardship, home-based businesses can provide a solution.

Womans Guide to Starting a Business Post Pandemic
Womans Guide to Starting a Business Post Pandemic

How the Pandemic Affected Women 

Working women are suffering the most severe effects of the COVID-19 recession, studies show. The coronavirus pandemic reversed some of the gains women made in the workforce before they were forced to stay home. 

Female-dominated industries, such as hospitality, were closed or limited. Coronavirus outbreaks also shut down schools and day cares. When working parents had to choose someone to stay home with the children, it was usually the mother.

Stay-at-home mothers were also affected significantly. As a result of school and childcare closures, women’s domestic responsibilities increased. More women than men reported spending extra time caring for their children during the lock-down.

In addition, the pandemic has had a far greater effect on women’s mental health than on men’s. There is a higher rate of women reporting pandemic burnout and declining quality of life.

Work-From-Home Ideas for Women

During this global crisis, you might be considering earning money from home. Regardless of your professional history, there are many work options that might match your interests and skills. Work-from-home opportunities offer income potential, flexibility, and portability.

  • Teach English. If you’re a native English speaker, you already have the most important qualification you need for a fun, flexible income that can be earned anywhere. 
  • Start a YouTube channel. Do you have a unique skill? YouTube has become a reliable source for courses and guides. Earn money from your content through subscriptions and ads.
  • Become a transcriptionist. Put those typing skills to work. A pair of headphones and a word processor are all you need to start a lucrative transcription career.
  • Try coaching. Give others the benefit of your expertise. Coaching has become very popular in recent years as a way to help people achieve both personal and professional goals.

Consider Starting a Business

If you plan to work from home, consider forming a limited liability company (LLC). It’s an easy process with many advantages.

LLCs are considered their own legal entity, which reduces risk since your personal assets can’t be seized for company debts. The tax benefits are plentiful since you’re generally taxed as a sole proprietor and your profits are exempt from corporate taxes. The LLC structure is also less rigid, giving owners greater freedom to decide how to operate their businesses.

Check your state’s laws before forming an LLC, as they vary widely. Using a service such as ZenBusiness can simplify the process.

Don’t Forget Marketing

After you’ve established your business, let people know about it. Effective marketing can greatly boost your business. 

A well-designed logo creates a memorable first impression and makes your business stand out. For a cost-effective and creative option, try a custom logo maker like Adobe Spark. You can start designing in just a few clicks.

Take the Step Toward Success

Many women suffered during the coronavirus crisis, but there are a number of opportunities to flourish post-pandemic. There’s never been a better time to launch a business and take control of your future. Check out CTA Marketing for more ideas.

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